Anna was born in Moscow in 1984. She came of age in the post-Soviet Russia where apart from doing academic drawing and painting she studied linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. Aged 21 she moved to London, where she graduated from Central St Martins. 

"In my current practice I investigate the space between the realms of objective reality and individual perception of it. Having studied psychology and linguistics I am always curious about the workings of human mind, how it bends reality and reshapes memories.

I studied academic drawing and painting in Moscow State Stroganov Academy where the emphasis is made on the classical technique and design-art in Saint Martins where conceptual idea was in the forefront. I am thus constantly looking for a balanced approach where the visual form and the concept are equally important. 

Growing up in Russia you can’t avoid influence of great constructivists and avant-garde abstract artists such as Kandinsky, Malevich, Chagal, but I was also drawn to Vrubel and Roerich. My work today shifts between nonfigurative and representational art drawing upon philosophical ideas, contemporary science, the infinite and the unconscious.

I am drawn to abstract art as it communicates by bypassing the words and formalised understanding of the world. It is a meditation, a most pure creative output that comes entirely from within. It is the most direct connection between the artist and the universe and between the artwork and the viewers.  But at the same time I find figurative elements in my work to be a powerful tool to trigger a response. It is like working with both left and right cerebral hemispheres.  If abstract art is a balancing act between chance and choice, figurative work is a calculated and carefully crafted representation of an idea that has already been shaped." 

For over 6 years Anna has been successfully collaborating with luxury design brands and creatives designing custom digital prints and surface patterns based on her original artwork. Her work has been photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue UK and appeared in numerous fashion publications and art press.


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